Our Process

At Zeches Wealth Management, our process is designed to help our clients try and achieve their financial goals. Through a consultative process, we become our clients’ personal chief financial officers. In this capacity, we will help them make informed decisions to maximize the probability of achieving all that is important to them. We know of no value promise that is more compelling.

Our Five Step Process allows us to understand what is most important to our clients, create a plan to help guide them and ultimately monitor the progress towards accomplishing their goals.

The Discovery Meeting: Focused on gaining a complete, in-depth understanding of the prospective client

At our initial meeting, we will conduct a discovery interview. Together we will identify the obstacles you face in working towards your financial goals. We will look at where you are, where you want to go and how we can maximize the possibility of getting you there.

The Investment Plan Meeting: To provide the prospective client with an actionable investment plan that will maximize the probability of achieving the investment goals

The ideal outcome of this meeting is that we want you to leave the meeting with a good understanding of the investment plan we have prepared for you. We will present a complete diagnostic of your current financial situation and our recommendations for how we can help you try and reach your goals. Additionally, this plan will help us both determine whether we should move forward in our process.

The Mutual Commitment Meeting: Confirmation of the desire to work together and to answer any additional questions

By this point, we will be ready to make a mutual decision as to whether our firm can add substantial value and whether you are ready to proceed in becoming a client. If ready to move forward, the first step is executing the needed paperwork.

The 45-Day Follow Up Meeting: Organize the paperwork from the previous weeks and set up a system to keep you organized moving forward

Not only will we organize everything you have received, but we will give you updates on what has occurred since the accounts were opened and answer any additional questions you may have.

The Regular Progress Meetings: Review of progress and incorporate changes as needed

Through the continued use of the Advanced Plan, which is presented at the first progress meeting, we will review a range of recommendations, each designed to address a specific financial concern. With your approval, we will then begin to implement the plan, focusing first on the action items of highest priority. At subsequent meetings, we will uncover any changes in your life that might call for adjustments to the wealth management plan. We will also review your progress to ensure that you are on track to achieving key goals.