We have worked with many industries and types of businesses.

Who Should Use Our Services?

Small businesses that want to work with enterprise size firms.

Example: Technology Consulting Firm

This owner had experienced a total business loss due to a bad partnership and had to start completely over. Like all good entrepreneurs a little thing like that wouldn’t stop him! In the beginning we spent time introducing him to potential clients and referral sources to help him get off the ground.  We focused his business plan on the kind of business he wanted to create. His vision is to grow a company he can sell in 10 years and move to Florida.

  • Wrote formal business plan and power point presentation for funding purposes
  • Introduced the owner to the concept of minority business certifications and how they could help his firm
  • Created website, branding, and marketing focus
  • Collateral material for multiple market segments
  • Complete online lead generation marketing plan
  • Ongoing consulting, coaching, and marketing review

The result: Just a few months ago he was awarded a 2 million, multi-year engagement with an enterprise firm! He got this job because of his sales skill, minority certification, and how large and stable his company looked online due to his high quality website and marketing materials.

He is finally financially stable again and is now growing a business that he will be able to sell in a few years. He is on the right track now to attain his goals and nothing could make us happier!

Businesses that have a homemade brand or who haven’t branded yet.

Industrial Generator Services Company

This company is a partnership with two owners who had been in business for less than 5 years. They had initial success but hired us because they were stuck, wanted growth and some fresh ideas. The owners weren’t realizing much income at this point.

The first thing we did was a mission statement, 10 year vision with 1,3, and 5 year action plan to get both of the owners on the same page. The owners of this company are not related and have very different personalities so one of our challenges was getting them to agree on how to move the company forward and work together as a productive team.

  • Created sales and marketing plan
  • Hired support staff with results oriented job description
  • Built website targeting their best potentials
  • Created initial procedures and operations manuals
  • Developed email newsletter and cold call script

The result is that they tripled in sales in 2 years during the worst economic downturn since the great depression. They grew out of their facility, moved to a larger location and hired more staff. They are so busy now that dealing with increased business and hiring the right staff are their biggest concerns. They have given themselves raises and can confidently look toward a profitable buy out within their projected vision. They are at this time considering buying a competitor.

Businesses that need a business plan for startup or other funding purposes.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses that have sprung from the minds of their founders get off the ground, grow, and prosper. But how did they get started?

We have an organized process for helping prospective business owners whether you are  are looking for funding or are self-funding. We ask the right questions to bring out all the answers needed to cover the entire start up scenario, then we write it down in a compelling way to attract funding. If you are looking for money from family and friends, VC’s, Angels, banks or private investors, we know what they are looking for in your documents, and create the business plan, financial model, and pitch deck that will get you funded. We have an extraordinary success rate, please call to see samples.

Business that want to take advantage of state or federal contracting opportunities and need a certification.

Industrial Printing Firm

This great local company had been in business for over 30 years, but started to experience a contraction that they couldn’t get out of. They knew they needed some new ideas and a branding refresh. After working with them to update their key offerings and target market we instituted the following plan:

  • Refreshed brand and website
  • Woman owned certification WBE and WOSB
  • Training for the entire sales team

The company is now receiving state contracts and has had to hire new staff to keep up with growth.

Businesses that are stuck, need some fresh ideas, have plateaued in growth, but not amibition, and realize they need some help to get to the next level.

PC Repair Company

When I was referred to this company they were on the verge of breaking up the family businesses. They had experienced a severe contraction 5 years ago due to the economic downturn and a location move. They needed a common vision for the future and fresh ideas for organization and marketing.

I did an initial audit and interviewed all of the employees. I discovered that they weren’t billing consistently so job one was to get all the outstanding bills out and paid for on a regular basis. That amounted to over 50K in revenue in the first couple of months. We also found ways to drastically reduce overhead so profits increased significantly almost immediately.

  • Mission and vision for the company
  • Organization and workflow procedures
  • Leadership training
  • New website with clearly defined targets and customer incentives
  • Financial reviews on a regular basis
  • Internet lead generation package

Almost immediately they needed to hire to cope with increased business. We have their newsletter launched to their database of 5000 and are starting their SEO and press release support. Their first newsletter netted a 24K return! They are on their way.

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