Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

About Richardson DeMolay

DeMolay is the premier young man’s leadership organization in the world―building today’s boys into tomorrow’s leaders.

DeMolay is based on timeless principles and practical experience. It is devoted to creating leaders of character who hold themselves to higher moral standards, constantly striving to improve and become better persons every day.

DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-advised organization in which young men learn to plan, organize, and facilitate their own programs. DeMolays take part in many activities, ranging from athletic competitions and public speaking tournaments, to social activities and community service events. All activities are guided by the interests of the local chapter members―if you can dream it, you can do it in DeMolay!

DeMolay provides endless fun and friendships that last a lifetime. When a young man joins DeMolay, he instantly gains over four million brothers across the globe. No other youth organization provides such life-changing experiences.

But words are not sufficient to fully describe DeMolay―it must be experienced! Give Richardson DeMolay a chance, and you will discover what we already know―DeMolay is the greatest youth organization in the world and Richardson DeMolay is in the heart of the Dallas Metroplex.

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Hours & Info

528 Lockwood
Richardson, TX 75081
Saturdays: 9:30am – 12pm

7 Virtues of DeMolay

DeMolay is based on seven cardinal virtues that round out and complete our character.

Love of Home

Filial love, the bond between parent and child, is ranked first since this virtue teaches DeMolays to strive to repay the love and care their parents have devoted to them―care that teenage boys all-too-often fail to appreciate.

Reverence for the Sacred

The second principle of DeMolay, reverence for sacred things, reminds us that we are all children of God and teaches us to be tolerant of the religious beliefs of others.


Too often, we may forget that no one is any better than anyone else and that everyone deserves our courtesy. The virtue of courtesy also reminds us of the need to be courteous to those whom we may otherwise take for granted―our own family members.


Comradeship means that DeMolays consider their fellow DeMolays to be their brothers, united in their quest to choose the high moral ground, improve their leadership and communication skills, and make a difference as responsible and caring members of their community.


Jacques DeMolay, the hero and martyr of the Order of DeMolay, was the last Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar. Jacques DeMolay was faithful unto death to his brothers and to the Order he led. DeMolay sets the example for us to be loyal to our brothers, to ourselves, and to the promises we make.


Cleanness refers not only to personal hygiene but also to cleanness of thought, word, and deed. Thoughts are expressed as words, and words lead to actions. DeMolay asks its members to exercise good judgment and caution, keeping their thoughts, words, and deeds clean, appropriate, worthy, and purposeful.


The flag of our nation serves as a symbol of the sacrifices made by young men throughout our nation’s history, many of whom paid with their lives to win the freedoms that we enjoy today. Patriotism is a cardinal virtue of DeMolay to remind us that freedom isn’t free and that each generation must be willing to fight, if necessary, to defend and protect our freedoms.

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