An Extension Of Your HR Department

Human Resources Assistance

Over the years, we have worked closely with companies to provide solutions that are specifically designed to help the unique needs of each company. In doing this, we have learned a lot about how heavy the workload can be, and how hard it is for tightly budgeted HR departments to handle all of their responsibilities in a cost effective way. Because of this, we have come up with a solution to help our clients to make this job easier.

At Integrated Benefit Concepts we act as an extension of your HR department and can relieve you of several of the things that burden you the most.

There are always issues that come up from time to time, but when they do, you can simply pass them over to us and we will handle it. These can include things such as: adds and deletes from policies, questions about their benefits, claim forms, getting specific requests processed through the insurance company, and many more. This give the employee another entity that they can reach out to that can act as an advocate on their behalf.

If the issue relates to the employee benefits, the employees have our contact information, and can simply contact us directly. We will take care of it, so you don’t have to. To us, their claim is our claim.

Confused? Stuck? Need Help?

Our licensed professionals are available to answer your questions, assist you in using our calculators, and help you get the best coverage at the lowest cost.