A Comprehensive Resource For HR

HR 360

HR 360 is your Online HR Department and can provide you with a variety of HR tools that will help you your company stay compliant and up to date, including their award-wining and exceptional online HR library, labor law posters and HR hotline with which they provide up to the second support for our clients, and provides you with a comprehensive full circle view of human resources and benefits laws both on a federal and level. HR 360 is really like having a mini-HR department 24/7.

Their online site includes the following major HR and benefits areas:


Federal HR and Benefits Laws

Their site covers major federal employment laws such as COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, USERRA, and mandated benefits in language every employer understands.


State Employment Laws

State-by-state information including health continuation coverage, minimum wage and so much more are all included.


Forms, Posters and Checklists

Ready to Download and Print – With over 500 HR forms, you can depend on HR 360 to provide the sample forms, posters or checklists when you need it. It’s just so simple—they have it all from new hire forms such as a W-4 or employment applications to a sample employee handbook, discipline warning forms, or performance review forms.


Online HR Tools

In addition to their online library, they also feature great support tools such as their Job Description Developer and Salary Benchmarking tool. You can depend on our online tools and resources to support you when and where you need it.

Confused? Stuck? Need Help?

Our licensed professionals are available to answer your questions, assist you in using our calculators, and help you get the best coverage at the lowest cost.