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Welcome to the EagleStone family, where we help you solidify your dreams and aspirations into a reality built on a foundation that you can count on for your future. We bring a wealth of financial experience to the sports & entertainment industries, which has enabled us to develop a successful track record of helping professional athletes and celebrities preserve their wealth. It is our belief that premium client service starts with client education whereby trust develops through action and performance over time. But it’s not about our story; it’s about your story, and the importance of you picking the right financial advising team to help you secure your financial future.

A famous all-star athlete while being recently interviewed on ESPN was asked: “if you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?” His response: “I would have hired an independent financial advisor to oversee my finances.” He made millions early in his career only to lose most of it to financial mismanagement. A common theme with many…so, it is time for you to make an important decision. What is the game? It simply is the challenge you face and/or the process leading to the goal you want to achieve. Victory is always in the eye of the beholder. Today’s athlete, entertainer, and celebrity know how to take risks, and they understand the rewards inherent in the risks taken. And they know how to win.

A winner will keep up with technology, be adaptable to different situations, develop a multi-dimensional skillset, and be very competitive. You bring a solid foundation of winning qualities to the table. How do those winning qualities translate into success in the financial world? Let’s take a quick look:

  • Technology brings transparency to the current status of your investments. Use your cell phone or personal computer. You are now ready to access your portfolio 24/7!
  • Adaptability enables you to weather any market changes in your investment portfolio while keeping focused on your lifetime commitments and goals.
  • Processing Skills enable you to see the future picture of your financial success that fuels your passion to succeed. It allows you to relax and enjoy.
  • Crossover Skills enable you be proactive in making the transition from the playing environment to the next big career change. Keep your eyes on the big picture.
  • Multi-tasking Skills enable you to stay connected with your financial team with your busy schedule. Efficiency and responsiveness at all times.
  • Competitive Edge is simply the drive to win and continue to run your race to break through different levels of financial success.

We are here to help you make things happen in offering a platform of specialized services that are customized for you:

  • Investment Oversight
  • Insurance Counseling
  • Estate Preservation
  • Retirement Projections
  • Business & Risk Management
  • Budgeting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Banking
  • Bill Paying

At the end of the day, whose game are you playing? If you want to win, you have to make up your mind and run your race to win. Contact us today for a face to face presentation or telephone consultation. Let the EagleStone team of financial experts take it from here so you can relax and enjoy your professional accomplishments.


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