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family-wealth-office-2-300x198You represent a legacy of hard work, sacrifice, and accumulated wealth. Now it’s your responsibility and our obligation to manage that wealth and continue to grow what has been created.
Lack of investment and knowledge, family business ownership/control, financial security without entitlement, family continuity and family philanthropy….these are some of the most challenging issues facing you as the steward of your family’s wealth.
The Financial Advisors at EagleStone have the cutting edge technical, financial, and legal expertise needed to guide you through the complexities of family wealth while helping to grow and preserve the family’s financial capital. Equally as important, we possess the emotional acuity required to harness and cultivate the family’s greatest resources – the future generations, which are next in line to carry the leadership torch into the future.

Here are some of the tools we currently offer to our family wealth clients:

  • Business Ownership and Control
  • Generational Planning
  • Estate Preservation and Growth
  • Gifting/Philanthropy

There are multiple challenges facing wealth builders, grantors, and beneficiaries when creating, sustaining, and protecting a legacy: protecting and growing assets, maintaining lifestyles, and properly caring for beneficiaries and charities, to name just a few.

We have solid relationships with and access to Trust companies who can work with you to create a Trust document, provide trustee services and advise you to the benefits of creating the Trust in Nevada (a very strong state for asset protection for Trusts). Additionally, we can offer investment management and bill pay services to assist you in managing your Trust account.

Below is a list of the services associated with Trusts that we offer our clients:

  • Preparation of the Trust documents
  • Assigning trustees and delegating trustee roles
  • Asset protection (from creditors)
  • Divorce protection
  • Asset/Investment Management
  • Daily expenses/asset distribution


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