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Emerging Executive


Welcome to the EagleStone family, where we help you continue to achieve your dreams and aspirations by striving for break through levels of financial success. We bring a wealth of experience in the financial planning industry, which has enabled us to develop a successful track record of helping emerging wealth creators preserve their wealth. It is no big surprise that the opportunity to have access to wealth has spread to include to all demographic groups taking into account social, economic, cultural, and education factors. The emerging wealth creators can be first generation business owners, entrepreneurs, lottery winners, inheritance recipients, stock option exercisers, late blooming Baby Boomers, or high potential Gen X and Gen Y technology innovators. The beauty of capitalism is that it has no boundaries that keep you from achieving higher levels of financial success. The emerging wealth creators transcend class, gender, race, and age. Sometimes things just happen, or you are at the right place at the right time, and then suddenly you have the new financial challenge of managing significant wealth that wasn’t there before.

As an emerging wealth recipient, consider it a tremendous opportunity to join the EagleStone family as your financial partner. The value we add, via the hundreds of clients we represent worldwide, the vast world of knowledge our staff brings, and the technology enhancements of our financial systems, is second to none. Accumulating wealth and preservation of wealth are two completely different areas of focus to tackle.

We are here to help you make things happen in offering a platform of specialized services that is customized to meet your business and financial needs:

  • Investment Oversight
  • Insurance Counseling
  • Retirement Projections
  • Estate Preservation
  • Asset Protection
  • Dynasty & Generation Skipping
  • Tax Preparation
  • Banking
  • Bill Paying

We are very excited about helping the next generation of emerging wealth creators! The future is now, so don’t make the same mistakes of the past. Please contact us today for a face to face presentation or telephone consultation.


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