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Affiliated Partners


DAI Securities

DAI Securities is the broker dealer for our office’s registered representatives and provides supervisory support for our RIA. They oversee our representatives’ Securities business, i.e. variable annuities, REITs, Oil & Gas LPs, other Direct Participation Programs, under the FINRA umbrella. Our partnership with them is beneficial for many reasons, but most importantly because DAI Securities is an INDEPENDENT broker dealer that allows us access to a plethora of investment vehicles without any pressure or incentive to promote proprietary products.



Alliance One Global Strategies, LLC (AOGS)

alliance one globalAlliance One Global Strategies, LLC (AOGS) provides guidance and expertise to entrepreneurs, emerging wealth creators and visionaries in three primary areas: (1) strategic planning with “outside the box” logic about their current business vision, (2) operational advisory & counsel which includes a “nuts & bolts” matrix of efficiencies, and (3) raising capital through US Government funding sources to supplement overall growth plans. Specifically, yet not exclusively, AOGS advises on long term financial planning and strategic partnerships for International organizations looking to gain access to United States financing, expertise and opportunities for enhanced growth.



Alliance One Marketing, LLC (AOM)

alliance one marketingAlliance One Marketing, LLC (AOM) provides solutions for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, non-profits, foundations, and professional service firms looking to formulate and implement business growth strategies through grass roots marketing efforts. AOM will assist clients in creating and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other individuals or organizations, and customize a specific strategy to attain stated objectives.


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