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Our Team

Our office is small and friendly, located right in Old Town Herndon. Our building, originally built in 1905, has been beautifully restored by Thomas Dellinger, Advisor of Dellinger Wealth Management. One source is quoted as saying the house has never had a more caring owner. We pride ourselves on being an active part of the community and our employees are often found supporting local businesses around town.

Tom Dellinger | Financial Advisor

I am a native of Northern Virginia, reared in the town of Vienna, with twin brothers whom are a year older than me. I was raised by loving parents and taught through athletic upbringing that the team is more than the individual. Some of my most effective education was gained between the white lines on the baseball diamonds of my youth. I graduated from Oakton HS in 1974 and American University with a BSBA (double major in finance and marketing) in 1978.

I entered the financial services industry in March of 1979 and am currently with the independent broker dealer, FSC Securities Corporation.

Our office is a historic building in old town Herndon, Virginia, which is a short commute from my residence in Great Falls where I live with my wife Naomi, my mother in-law, and her caregivers. We have a full household including our two dogs Luke (a boxer) and Maggie (an English bulldog).

I embraced long-term contrarian value based investing many years ago and more recently have incorporated long-term care and estate planning into the practice to a greater extent. Long Term Care and Estate Planning are at the top of our priorities and is invaluable to our client base. I feel strongly that wealth distribution and wealth preservation are just as important as wealth accumulation.

My hobbies include watching sports and walking the dogs on trails near our home. My bucket list includes travelling to Japan with my family, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and visiting every Minor League Baseball stadium in Virginia and Maryland.

Kate Okusa | Financial Advisor

Kate has been in the industry since 2006. She was raised in Northern Virginia and currently lives nearby the office. In her spare time she spends time with family, goes for hikes, and loves to bake.

Kiri Pugh | Client Services

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Kiri graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Sociology. Kiri likes spending time with her family, reading, and cooking! Angus, her bulldog, gets to have the run of the second floor of Dellinger Wealth Management, which they both love.

Hiroko Takeuchi* | Client Services

Hiroko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, has lived in 4 different states, including the last 6 years here in Virginia. She graduated with a BA in International Studies with an emphasis on Communications from Brigham Young University Hawaii. She likes to interact with people and understanding their varied cultural backgrounds. She is very excited to be working and expanding her knowledge at Dellinger Wealth Management every day.

Angus Pugh* | Bull Market Bulldog

Angus has been a part of the team for quite a few years now and has a special interest in everything that comes out of our small kitchen and barking at our water delivery guy. He particularly likes chicken, bananas, and apples. He was born in PA, but now resides in Sterling, Virginia with his roommates. He has an active interest in fetch, chewing lacrosse balls, and snoring far too loudly. He does have to go to work 5 days a week, but the fact his bed is in a nice sunny spot and has the full run of the upstairs makes up for it…almost. Friday’s he does tend to drag a little more getting out the door in the morning.

* Not registered with FSC Securities Corporation

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