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January 2023

Resident Spotlight:
Billie J. Timm:

Billie was born on november 2, 1925 to richard and viola timm. Billie was theoldest of four children.

When billie was born shewas born with heart condition which caused hergrandparents to becomeher guardians until she wasa junior in high school. Although billie startedschool in ponca city, oklahoma; she finishedhigh school in runge, texas in 1943. After highschool billie attended abusiness school in sanantonio, texas where shegot a degree in mathematics, bookkeeping andaccounting.

When asked about hobbiesbillie states that later in lifeshe did some sewing andquilting, but as a child herlove was reading.

Billie has a deep love ofchristmas because as a childof a large family it meanteveryone got together to celebrate and they were happyto be together, plus she lovesthe color red.

Billie never got married andwhen asked why she neverdid she simply states that “The right one just never came along>“

Billie has nieces and nephews that lookout for her now, and she has two very specialkitties that occupy her time. But she is always looking tohelp someone out to makesure they get whatever helpthey need.

I have come to learn that billie is quick witted and a littlebit sassy which makes herfun to be around. If you dontbelieve me just spend a littletime with her for yourselfand find out on your ownhow much fun she is.

January Birthdays:

Jean Bruce 1/1
Marilyn McEnroe 1/31

December Birthday Party:

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 @ 2:00 PM

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