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Hi Terry!

I keep thinking I will call you but it seems when I think of it the timing isn’t right. I’ll try an email first and then we can chat if needed.

First of all, Kathy is thriving under your care and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our understanding is that she has become far more independent since she no longer has “the boot”. OT is no longer seeing her for personal care functioning. Are we at a point that Kathy could be re-evaluated for her level of care?

As you may know, Kathy is expressing her desire to move back home. While we respect her wishes and know that may come in the distant future, our plan is for her to stay with you. After many conversations it seems she understands why she can not be alone in her home. She is quite frugal and was feeling like her monthly expenses could be reduced if she was at home with care. After showing her the numbers, she knows that really is not the case. She realizes that she needs to continue her positive trajectory in recovery and going home could have a serious negative impact. Prior to her illness her plan was to sell her home this past spring but now we are looking more towards late fall. Regardless, the home sale will not impact her assisted living situation. Want to buy a lovely home?

Kathy tells us that when she wakes up in the morning, she looks forward to her day. I feel that is the ultimate compliment to you and your staff! She goes on to say she is comfortable and the staff members have become more like friends. Throughout the challenges you all have had in recent months, her needs have been more than met by the wonderful folks at ClesteCare. Our continued thanks for helping our family through this difficult time in our lives!

– Norma